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What Not to Forget After Taking Your RV or Boat Out of Storage

It’s time to hit the road again and take your RV or boat on another adventure! But before you do, you want to ensure everything is in tip-top condition. Storing your RV or boat for a period of time will require a quick checkup before you can get on your way. 

Let’s take a look at what you shouldn’t forget after taking your RV or boat out of storage. 

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Remove cover before towing

When retrieving your RV or boat from storage, always remove its cover before towing to prevent it from flying off during transport. Not removing the cover can cause it to loosen from high winds and shift around. Covers can also rub paint off if they’re being hit by wind at high speeds. Remembering this simple step will save your boat or RV from emulating a kite on the road. 

Check tires 

Tire safety is one of the most important steps to follow through when taking your RV out of storage. A deflated tire will cause the vehicle’s weight to be unevenly distributed and can result in the rubber stretching, which will increase the likelihood of a blowout. Check your tire pressure, and consider carrying an air compressor or air tank along with you for added safety measures. 

Conduct inspections

Be sure to inspect your RV or boat inside and out before use. Check for rodents, bugs, split valves, cracked floorings, etc. Keep your fuel fresh, and prepare to pour an additive to it. Equipment can age even when it has just sat for a period of time, which is why conducting an inspection can help you to identify what needs fixing before it escalates into a bigger issue. 

Check power

Visually inspect battery connections, battery fluid levels, and indicator lights on your vehicle to ensure everything is running properly. If you have an RV with widening walls, plug your RV into a power source to make sure it will function at full battery capacity. Consider replacing the battery if your RV has been sitting in storage for a significant amount of time. 

Stock safety gear 

Make sure your RV or boat is stocked with safety gear in case of an emergency or situation. A comprehensive RV safety gear kit could include hazard triangles, a fire extinguisher, jumper cables, tire chains, a tire plug kit, or tow straps. Safety kits for a boat could include life vests, flares, sound signaling devices, flash lights, snorkel masks, etc. Preparing for an emergency by packing a safety kit can save you in the future. 

Taking your RV or boat out of storage in preparation for your next adventure can be exciting; however, it’s important to remember to take the right steps to ensure your RV or boat will run smoothly for many miles to come. 

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