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RV Storage Tips

Proper storage of your RV and boat can not only help protect, but also extend the life of your vehicle. Before storing your RV or boat, check with your insurance company to see if they offer coverage specifically written to protect your vehicle while in storage. This coverage could offer savings over traditional road insurance coverage while your vehicle is stored. 

When preparing your vehicle for storage, keep some items in mind to ensure you’re properly storing an RV or boat. 

RV Storage Tips

1. Determine your storage needs by accurately measuring your RV

This will help you determine the size and thus the proper storage location for your RV

2. Prepare your RV for storage by thoroughly cleaning it inside and out

This includes removing all trash and debris from inside the RV and wiping down all surfaces. Wash the exterior and consider applying a coat of wax to protect from corrosion.

3. Check engine oil, filter, and other fluids

Used oils can cause engine corrosion over time, so change the oil and filter and drive the car for several miles before storing it for an extended period of time. Additionally, items like brake fluid, transmission fluid, steering fluid, and engine coolant can cause damage when they get old. So, flush out and refill these items if they appear dirty.

4. Fill the gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer

A full gas tank can prevent moisture and air from getting into the tank and causing damage. Adding a fuel stabilizer and running your RV for several miles after can help prevent gas from breaking down.

5. Repair any damages

Make fixes before storing your RV to prevent further damage or deterioration.

6. Drain the waste tank

It seems like an obvious to-do prior to storage, but make sure to properly drain your waste tank to avoid an unpleasant return to your RV. 

7. Disconnect the battery and/or any other applicable electronics

Doing so will prevent battery drainage.

8. If possible, visit your RV once a month

Use this as an opportunity to check on your RV, start it, and let the engine run for several minutes.

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