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How to Choose the Best Storage Facility for Your RV or Boat

In Arizona, there are many RV and boat storage options, but how do you know which route is the best to take for your family? In addition to your budget, here are some other deciding factors you should consider before choosing your storage solution.  


Much like in real estate, “location, location, location” should also be an initial decision to make. Though you’ll be hitting the open road or open waters, you will still want to have a central location so you’re spending more time enjoying your vehicle and less commuting. A convenient site, such as close proximity to a major highway and fun amenities in the area, will make all the difference when it comes to experiencing the great outdoors. 

Tip: Make sure to note where the nearest fuel stations would be. 


Even if you have a place to store your vehicle, you may find a facility to actually be more secure for your RV or boat. Look for a storage solution that features 24/7 monitored access with an electronic keypad and sufficient lighting. 

Tip: The new Tucson facility, Ameripark Covered Storage, has updated technology installed and security patrol. 

Covered Storage

Unless you’re storing a work vehicle that is in the sun all day regardless, such as a landscaping trailer, investing in a covered spot could end up costing you less in repairs in the long-run. Especially under the Arizona sun, RVs that are uncovered are more likely to break down due to the increased deterioration of its materials. 

Tip: To reduce the chance of a breakdown and avoid having to sacrifice valuable travel time with your family, consider a facility that offers sun protection

Automated Payments

As mentioned, once your budget has been determined, dive into first finding a facility with the proper availability for what you need and, of course, reasonable rates. Then, take it a step further and seek out a facility that offers the option to set up convenient automated payments, so you can set it and forget it.

Tip: Don’t forget to inquire about any additional service charges, such as a credit card processing fee.

Professional Customer Service

Aside from the physical aspect of a prospective facility, you should also consider the human element. Even with the rise of technological advances today, there is still no exact substitute for a friendly, knowledgeable staff member when you need it – even if they are only virtual. With that said, reserve space at a place that uses a hybrid of people and technology, so that you still have the capability of retrieving your vehicle during normal hours or can request off-hours access if you need it, but also the live customer support if you need it. 

Tip: Check out Yelp and Google reviews to get a better perspective of the customer service. 

Have any questions about availability, pricing, features, or what size space you will need in Tucson? Call the conveniently located Ameripark Covered Storage at (520) 833-8016 or click to reserve your spot now!

This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for recommendations or services provided by a licensed professional.  

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