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8 Boat Storage Tips

1. Determine your storage needs by accurately measuring your boat

When looking for boat storage, be sure to include the extra length and width that the trailer adds.

2. Clean your boat inside and out

Take the appropriate steps to prevent mildew by properly storing items. Also, open lockers and drawers to let them air out. Additionally, be sure to clean and dry the bilges using soap, water, and a stiff brush.

3. Inspect the stern drive

Remove any plants or barnacles and be sure to grease fittings and check fluid levels. 

4. Drain fluids

Be sure to drain the manifolds, engine blocks, water pumps, coolers, waste tank, and fresh water tanks. Additionally, drain the gearcase and fill with lubricants. 

5. Fill the gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer

A full gas tank can prevent moisture and air from getting into the tank and causing damage. Add a fuel stabilizer and run the engine for approximately 15 minutes to ensure the stabilizer reaches your fuel lines. 

6. Check engine oil and other fluids

Used oils can cause engine corrosion over time, so change the oil and filter before storing the boat. Additionally, items like transmission fluid can cause damage when they get old. So, flush out and refill if they appear dirty.

7. Paint

Sand the bottom of the boat and repaint it to prevent rust.

8. Properly cover your boat

Choose an adequate cover with good ventilation and cover your boat tightly before storing it.

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