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7 Boondocking Tips in Arizona

Where can you find infinite desert views, unlimited space, the barrier to nature removed, and no other campers in your photos? Boondocking in Arizona of course! 

Whether you’ve been an avid boondocker for years or you’re just dipping your toe in the freeing life of RV camping off the grid, here is a solid base of the best tips to keep in mind before you leave civilization for desert camping.  

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1. Scout Your Spot

Don’t just believe what you see on the internet! Maybe that area has become more crowded than you would like since it was blogged about last year. Get to know the site you have your eye on before committing to dispersed camping in Arizona. 


2. Remember it’s First-Come, First-Served

On that note of a spot becoming overpopulated, you should know Arizona does not offer reservations for boondocking. You will just need to do your research, consider arriving on a weekday, and get there as early as possible.  

3. Bring a Generator

For extended stays, this is a must. Although your goal of boondocking may be to “unplug,” it can be vital if you need to charge your phone in case of emergency and of course recharge RV batteries. But also, it comes in handy if you want to use a microwave, vacuum, or watch TV.   

4. Carry Extra Water Containers

Depending on how long you’re planning on dry camping, you’ll want to plan on bringing 5-12 gallon containers for drinking water. There may be potable water, but there also may not, so be sure to fill up on your way at an inexpensive kiosk – a necessity especially in the Arizona heat!

5. Invest in a Propane-Powered Refrigerator, Hot Water Heater, Stove, & Grill

When it comes to the refrigeration and cooking of your food, this is not a spot to cut corners on. If you haven’t already, invest in a refrigerator that runs on propane as well as electric. We highly recommend choosing one with a freezer. 

6. Minimize the Dust

While you can try your best to avoid a “haboob,” or monsoon season in Arizona, you’ll still want to do all you can to be prepared if you choose a desert location. If needed, cover all vent openings and tape up any seams. Don’t forget to wax your RV before you get out there so the dust won’t stick! 

7. Be Fire-Smart

It’s no secret Arizona is prone to fires in its dry climate, so if there’s one tip you remember most from this list – please make it this one. If there’s no fire warning posted and it’s permitted in that area, dig the pit and never leave it unattended. It should go without saying, be sure to fully extinguish it before going to bed.   

When it comes to boondocking, you can be one with nature and still be comfortable. Make dispersed camping in Arizona a nice, peaceful experience with your RV by following the tips listed above.  

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